Water has many health benefits.

When people think of adding a waterfeature, they visualise how it would look and sound, but how many of us actually consider the health benefits of having a waterfeature?

Now don’t get us wrong, a waterfeature is far from being a cure, there are health benefits to being near running water. Let’s look at a few of them.

The psychological benefits of waterfeatures

Being around water makes us feel both grounded and at peace with our state of mind. We like to venture outdoors and get amongst nature, particularly the beach, a lake or a waterfall. There is something therapeutic about water, especially running water, that makes us feel at ease. Being in its proximity reduces stress, calms the mind and essentially clears our thoughts so we can process more clearly and productively. Having a waterfeature at home, out in the garden is beneficial for our mental health… it’s calming, soothing and it’s peaceful.

Aerated water helps the immune system

It’s a scientific fact that aerated water helps boost and strengthen the immune system. Aerated water sends negative ions into the air, when we visit places where there is fresh, clean running water, we come away feeling revitalised and refreshed.  Negative ions also help clean and purify the air.

So which one do I choose?

Whether it’s a glass water feature, rain curtain or a cascading feature, so long as the running water is exposed and splashing down onto pebbles or a little pool, you will enjoy the health benefits. Get in touch with us to discuss your project and receive FREE expertise with our design service, check out our in-house service for more information.



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