Our ironclad commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry is easily perceptible in the enthusiastic feedback left by decades of Aquatec’s satisfied consumers.

I’ve been buying Aquatec products for over a decade and have always been satisfied with their performance. Recently, however, I ran into trouble with a new pump which required me to make first use of their post-sales service. I can’t speak highly enough of the courteous and helpful way in which they helped me work through my problem (even to the extent of replacing the pump!). Aquatec service sets a standard I have rarely encountered and, on the basis of my experience, I would recommend them to anyone looking for help and expertise in their field.

Paul Wilkins, Hamilton Hill WA

After considering many different brands of deck lights, in retail stores and online, I purchased a number of Elluminate Lighting's deck lights and I am delighted with my choice. While the Elluminate Lighting product was a little more expensive, the manufacturing quality of the product and the ease of installation were clearly superior when compared with other similar lights. The end result is a product with impressive value. I am confident that the manufacturing quality will offer better durability and performance. Initially, I actually purchased a competitor's product but after having frustrations with the installation and a number of lights not working correctly, I returned the lights to the retailer. I was also very pleased with the detailed and prompt service I received from the head office of Elluminate Lighting, who arranged the delivery of an additional component which was not normally stocked by the retailer. The bottom line is that I highly recommend Elluminate Lighting product to anybody looking for a quality outcome.

Peter, Melbourne

Having always wanted to build a pond and keep koi we set about doing it. This was my introduction to Aquatec. They supplied the pond liner and initial expertise and have never let me down since living 450 kilometers from Perth we rely on honesty and good service for our supplies. Since the initial supplies Aquatec have supplied fish food, UV clarifier, pond pumps and air pump. When we need more food or spare parts a simple phone call quickly results in the items turning up at our door in no time. We own an accommodation business, so time is precious for us We have no hesitation in recommending this business as the best option for us and a trusted place to shop.

Terry & Denise, Albany Bali Style Acommodation

Thank you for your assistance with our small problem. Sorted out again by calling you direct as we did in the recent past to discuss replacement filters. I have to say with this newest purchase and the help with the filter issue we had the service we have received from you has been outstanding and much appreciated.

Lee & Sue

hello AQUAPRO, I first built my fish pond well over a decade ago, and commenced with four gold fish from our 'local' aquamarine shop(Colin's) at Waurn Ponds,Geelong..brought them home in a plastic bag/water, temperature in the high 30s and my sweetheart said 'Ron, do you think we should get a large container from the tool shed and part fill it with pond water before we let our little cobbers go?'..we did that after we had the AQUAPRO AP1000F running before we drove to Colin's..now we'll never know just how the fish survived, however,13 years later- we now have 27 gold fish(92%) of the original cobbers swimming merrily..a family accident saw AP hauled out while the motor was still running!!!..so, down to Bunnings and we're the proud owners of the latest AQUAPRO.. as the saying goes-'the proof is in the pudding',and with AP1000F-the grandchildren ALWAYS head to the pond when ever they arrive, and they're wrapped in the sound of running water and our cobbers swimming under the cascading H2O..I have no doubt the fountain heads the reasons why my off-spring love the 'fishies, and may be, just may be, AQUAPRO plays its part in the life of the Lock fish pond?..

Ron Lock

I would just like to thank you for the help and technical advice Aquatec have provided regarding choice of pump for a project Crystal Waters Irrigation has been involved in by way of supplying materials and parts for this beautiful wall garden at Morley Galleria designed in conjunction with Alessios Gardens who manufactured and built the structure and plant display. The PondMAX EvoII Series pump model 4900 was the unit recommended to perform the required duty, two of these were installed to the 10 metre wide display along with associated fittings and on commissioning worked perfectly circulating the water to the display, these units perform very smoothly and quietly. I would recommend Aquatec as a supplier who can offer the complete service from choice to supply.

Ian Sinclair

I have 3 PondMAX Pumps, for my aquaponics pond. I can not recommend them highly enough. Have brought lots of pumps in my life and have found either the impellers break, or the casing snaps/cracks or the motor just ceases up. Sometimes the company has gone out of business and can't fulfil the warranty.
However I have only ever had a problem once with my PondMAX pumps and they work hard 24/7 . When I contacted the company for help, their customer service could not have been better. They gave me advice, then sent a part and when that did not work, they sent a new pump, and it was all sent very fast so my pond and fish did not suffer too much! I would only ever buy an PondMAX pump in the future! Thank you Aquatec! Wish all companies provided great after sales service like you!

Jenny Hughes

Absolutely no complaint about the service.  We went out on lunchtime Friday and when we got back the two filters were on the doorstep. We’ve waited up to three weeks to get stuff out of Brisbane!!! This has been extraordinary and can’t thank you enough. Filters in and fish are happy. Very much appreciated. We will pass the instructions on to Bunnings for their education. Again a big thank you. Kind regards.


WOW. Thank you so much Chris.
I have had two months of problems with my pond algae plus filter problems. Not able to get parts from retail shops, no help at all.
One day, I came to Aquatec, I got referred to Chris from Tirzah.

All problems fixed and solved. Thanks to you both you made an old guy happy.

Anthony Goodwyn, WA

Thank you so much for the great help I received in getting my water feature working again. I received the best customer service ever, and I left knowing my replacement part would have my water feature working again as you took the time to show me the faults.

I would definitely come back and recommend family and friends to buy your products.

Todd the TIler, WA

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