Spring Pond Maintenance

Preventative garden pond maintenance is better than a full overhaul. Ideally a full pond clean should be done as infrequently as possible.

When should I clean out my pond?

This varies according to each pond. If you have a lot of debris from over hanging trees, then you should clean it more regularly, using only partial water changes. Many pond owners leave the cleaning too late. There is more debris and therefore more work. Often, leaves are left in the bottom of the pond from Autumn. They sink to the bottom during Winter and slowly decompose. When the water warms up in Spring, the leaves begin to decompose faster, fouling the water, promoting disease and releasing a large amount of nutrients which in turn increases algae growth.

After each clean you should add beneficial bacteria and enzymes to encourage the healthy break down the remaining small amounts of debris.

Spring Pond Maintenance

  • Water Change.  Remove no more than 25% of the pond water.  If the pond has fish, take care not to accidentally remove them too.  You may need to screen the fish away from where you are removing the water.
  • Remove the accumulated debris with a net.   A pond vacuum is ideal for this task as you also remove some of the pond water while removing the debris.
  • As the water continues to warm up, introduce new plants, particularly water clarifying plants, they will help to compete with the algae for the available nutrients in the pond water.
  • Fertilise the plants as they start to show indications of new growth.  That’s the plant telling you that it’s Spring for your individual pond.
  • Monitor the new plant growth for pests, such as aphids.  Yes, water plants are just as susceptible to aphids, as roses are.  Wash the aphids off with your garden hose and the fish can eat them.  If you have more severe out breaks, you may need to remove the affected plants and spray them.
  • If you have fish, you can start to feed them again.
  • Check and clean filters.
  • Add some beneficial enzymes and bacteria to help boost the natural cleaning processes in the pond.

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