Pond in a pot

Pushed for space but love the ambience of a water feature – then why not consider a pond in a pot?  This idea is a great way of adding interest to smaller spaces all you need to get started is the four Aquapro P’s:

  • a Pump;
  • some waterproof Paint;
  • Putty to block up the drainage holes; and
  • don’t forget the Pot.

You can create a drama and style by adding an Aqua Pro Pond Max LED underwater light. These energy efficient lights come in a range of colours and make a real statement. They’re cheap to run, and you can install them yourself.

Your only constraint is where you plan to locate your pond in a pot because this will determine the type and size of pot you use.  The video shows you how to assemble your pond in a pot but also how to calculate the weight of the finished feature.

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