Transform your patio with a Patio Pond Waterfeafure

You can create a stunning water feature in almost any space by using an AQUAPRO Patio Pond.  Simple to install, this patio pond will create a focal point in a small space and almost everyone agrees, there’s nothing more peaceful than the sight and sound of flowing water.

So pick a pot and grab yourself an AQUAPRO Patio Pond kit and you can transform your patio or alfresco area in a few hours, you could even add some lighting to your project so you can enjoy the feature day & night.  The patio pond kit is made from strong durable plastic and it’s approved for up to 80 kilograms in weight.

Your limit is your imagination. You could choose an architectural pot with water flowing into the rocks below creating a feeling of infinity or maybe you prefer a shallower wider bowl planted up with aquatic plants.  Whatever your style, just follow the simple steps in the video to add some pizazz to your patio.

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