One of the most prominent names in the worlds of pond biology and water technology, Velda has more than three decades of experience pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Their story is one of accomplishment that stems from staying committed to their ideals and not letting short-term success get in the way of achieving the most effective and long-lasting results.

From their start as a company which provided solutions for aquaria, their team learned knowledge and developed skills that were pertinent for maintaining and enhancing all types of ponds. The company steadily grew from an aquarium shop with humble beginnings to becoming a large company with over 100 employees that produces and distributes a full range of innovative water pumps and filters.

A large part of the reason that suppliers and customers have come to associate the Velda name with excellence is because of the wide variety of products that they offer. If you’re looking for something related to water pumps or water filtration, then you’ll be sure to be satisfied with the selection that they offer. Even if your needs are very specifics, there’s surely a solution manufactured by Velda. But even more importantly, Velda has a deep understanding of the interdependent relationships between the pond water, the plants, and the fish themselves.

It’s this intimate familiarity with all aspects of maintaining a pristine pond that has enabled Velda to develop cutting edge water pumps and filtration systems, which allow your water to take advantage of natural means of purification. This rightfully inspires a great deal of trust in consumers, since they are able to appreciate the compressive knowledge that the company has about all aspects of beautifying a pond.

Moreover, it’s important that anyone responsible for maintaining a pond or water garden is aware of the importance of regulating the purity of the water. Without clean water, you’ll inevitably experience a lot of difficulty growing plants and keeping your fish healthy. Velda understands this better than anyone, and their response has been to develop products that leave you with the healthiest water possible. Put simply, this means filtering water that is most conducive to supporting the types of plants and fish that will keep your pond looking effortlessly beautiful.

Velda’s innovation is easily observable in the fact that they are constantly rolling out new products that are unrivaled in the industry. From new water filters to innovative solutions for growing floating flowers, Velda never fails to disappoint. It’s this ironclad reliability over the decades that has contributed most to the company’s unbeatable reputation.

Another major advantage of dealing with Velda is the emphasis they place on educating consumers about the best way to design and maintain a pond. Instead of simply selling products and leaving it at that, Velda goes the extra mile and ensures that you’re able to use their products to their fullest extent. This is definitely true when it comes to their water filters and water pumps, which are essential items for beautifying water gardens and producing healthy fish.


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