How much is your pump costing?

For many pond owners, the pump is a ‘set and forget’ part of their pond. But this can cost in the long run. A high-quality pump, well maintained, will save you time and money over the pump life in energy efficiency and pond health.

Your pump is the beating heart of your pond – if your pump isn’t up to the task, your pond health will suffer.

Pond pumps need to run 24 hours a day, so the energy your pump uses is an important factor to consider. Generally, higher quality pumps are more energy efficient than cheaper systems.

Pump technology continues to evolve, and big improvements have been made over the last 10 years in energy use. It’s worth doing the maths to work out what your current pump is costing – you may find a new, more efficient pump will quickly pay for itself in energy savings.

Running a pump continuously costs around $2.50 per watt per year (depending on your State & power plan). So a 100 watt pump will cost $250 each year in power costs. Replacing your old 100 watt pump with an energy efficient 60 watt pump will save you $100 each year in power costs (at this rate).

When you’re looking for a pump, we always suggest you look at the pump features that will benefit you in both the short and long term. Good after sales support and warranty is essential – a pump with a one year warranty is often poorer quality and not very efficient. Our PondMAX pumps, if maintained well, can keep your pond’s heartbeat for a healthy 5 – 8 years.

 We work hard to offer great features on our pumps. Some of the features of our popular PondMAX Evo pumps include:

  • Soft start & anti burn out technology to save your pump in case of jamming or a dry pond;
  • Tool-less assembly for easy setup and maintenance

All designed to save you time, money and the possibility of losing fish or plant stock.

If you’re looking to replace your pump, or starting a new pond, check out our extensive range of water pumps or get in touch to chat with one of our pond specialists about your pond requirements.


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