Custom Design Service

Let Aquatec assist you in designing the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of…

With the right advice and good planning we can help you bring your dream garden to life.

With over 50 years of experience in waterfeature and pond equipment we have been exposed to both the best of waterfeature design and also the worst.

Aquatec has made it our mission to take the pain and cost out of watergarden design to ensure customers and installers have access to the right information FREE of charge.

We understand how different each garden can be. While choosing a waterfeature, we consider your area, theme, and availability of space. This is to ensure that your new waterfeature will suit your garden and your budget.

A poorly designed water feature always ends with problems and a customer unhappy with the finished product and finding it a chore to maintain. Sometimes the little things that are easily overlooked are the most beneficial for a pond owner and may not be appreciated at the handover of the project. For example a simple water level control will ensure water features and ponds are kept at optimum water level preventing pump burnout if they run dry or flooding if excess stormwater is not accounted for.

Incorrectly specified equipment can be insufficient to maintain a clean, clear and healthy pond or can be overkill for the application resulting in you paying too much.

Even with existing watergardens, a few small changes can make a world of difference to your experience and the enjoyment of your feature, afterall, that’s our mission; to help you Discover, Create and Enjoy outstanding outdoor areas.

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