Beat the heat in your own backyard with a waterfeature or pond

With the mercury soaring across Australia as the country braces itself for a heatwave, many people are no doubt planning on blasting the air con or flocking to the beach.

However, there is another far more tranquil and environmentally friendly option available to you.

Did you know that having a water feature or pond in your garden reduces the ambient temperature by a few degrees?

So for those without the space or inclination for a swimming pool, you can still enjoy the benefits of moving water on a far more economic budget.

There are also many more upsides to having a water feature or pond in your backyard.

The sound of flowing water can help to block out noise pollution, as well as being incredibly restful. Like patting a beloved pet or meditating, research has proved that watching the movement of water is relaxing to the mind and body.

Ponds and water features also often attract wildlife, so you can sip a cold drink, breathe in the fresh air and switch off your mind as you watch birds and butterflies interact with your water feature, receiving just as much enjoyment from it as you do.

Water features and ponds not only improve the appeal of your outdoor spaces but also serve as a focal point around which your family and friends can gather. So if you enjoy entertaining, the addition of a fountain, waterfall or pond adds immeasurably to your alfresco area or garden and can help others cool down on those sizzling summer days.

So why not give it a try?

Create a bit of brilliance in your own backyard with Australia’s best ponds, pumps and accessories from Aquapro.


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